Wicked Little Workout for the Waist - €19.99

Whether you are a busy executive on the go, a new mum finding it hard to leave the house, or simply a fashion-conscious woman keen to emphasise her waist, this is the only and best Pilates DVD to own! Fast and effective, use this Pilates DVD three times a week to get that cinched-in, youthful waist that you’ve always wanted. 

Eva Berg has designed this DVD workout as an intense, focused workout for your waist, giving a quick and effective 20-minute pilates workout in a cost-effective way for you to avail of her expertise from the comfort of your own home. It’s perfect for busy, travelling professional women, new mums with no time to get to a class, older women whose waists have ‘blocked out’ over the years and fashion-conscious and trend-savvy women keen to get into those body con dresses, high-waisted pencil skirts, and nipped in dresses.

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Wicked Little Workout for the Waist + The Secret - Core Pilates DVD & Video Package - €29.99

Eva created The Secret – Core Pilates DVD & Video workout to help you:
  • Increase muscle tone and good alignment
  • Improve core strength, posture & balance
  • Achieve greater bone density
  • Build focus skills & discipline
  • Boost energy levels and beat fatigue
  • Stimulate your immune system
  • De-stress, promote calmness and a sense of well-being
  • Re-educate your body on how to move in a safe rehabilitative manner.

Buy The Wicked Little Workout for the Waist and get The Secret Core Pilates DVD for only €10.
That’s €29.99 for both DVDs! (with free shipping for Ireland & UK)