PILATES: The secret to employee wellness during lockdown!

It’s more crucial than ever to invest in your employees’ well being – both physically and mentally.

Lockdown has drastically affected employee wellness

The short commute to the home office may have been appealing at first, but the lack of movement and physical activity we once took for granted has taken an all too predictable toll on workers’ wellbeing. 



Less human

Even a brief daily session delivers significant benefits to employee wellness

Have a stretch and take a breath

In lieu of familiar fitness regimens that just aren’t compatible with lockdown life, a 20-minute pilates session is challenging enough to reinvigorate workers with a healthy dose of low-impact stretches and exercises.

Break Up The Monotony

It was always advisable not to take your work home with you. These days, many workers don’t really have a choice. By setting time aside for employees to break the monotony, you can make remote working a better and ultimately more productive experience.

Clear the mind and reduce stress

Who isn’t carrying a heavy load these days. Mental health is a growing concern with remote workers who are struggling with lockdown fatigue. Caring for your employees’ wellness shows you care about your business, as a happy and supported workforce is its greatest asset.

Exercise anywhere, any time!

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