Monday 19 th April

Core without neck and traps
Requested by Sian and Siobhán
Loud voice requested by Ruby !!!! ❤️

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  1. Sian Smyth

    Thank you so much Eva for this specific ‘no traps”class .
    This was perfect! ❤️

  2. Mary Breen

    Really enjoyed this class, thank you Eva

  3. Gillian SCANLAN

    What beautiful bird song in the background,

  4. Valerie Freeman

    Great class Eva. And much easier to hear! Thanks.

  5. Valda Boardman

    Out of my Pilates groove for months. Combined this and Tues into one super class today (Sat) just like old times! Thanks Eva x
    (PS you’re not actually as close to the screen as you think from this side)

  6. Sian Smyth

    Did I say I love this class? So good. Love all the instruction, where we should be felling it, what it is doing and of course how to keep the neck/upper traps out of it. Magic! I need to do this more.

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