Lorraine Keane on the secret pilates

Lorraine Keane takes us through her average daily exercise routine thanks to Eva Berg’s Pilates tuition classes…

vogue magazine

Lorraine Keane on the secret pilates

“If you can’t make it to Eva Berg’s Pilates studio just outside Dublin, master the basics with her new DVD, WICKED LITTLE WORKOUT…

Irish Tatler

"Water, Water Everywhere"

Eva lays out her TOP TEN TIPS on how to achieve that tum for the sun, beach ready bikini body in Junes Irish Tatler Magazine. … 

Irish Tatler

Look who's contributing

Eva Berg has her say in the Irish Talter magazines June edition….

Mail On Sunday

Feel the burn

“I have found a solution to my lack of exercise motivation in the form of Eva Berg.” Debbie O’Donnell writes about WICKED LITTLE WORKOUT FOR THE WAIST in RSVP magazine…

Mail On Sunday

Slim for the Summer Sun

“What does every girl want on the beach? Top of our list is a tight, flat tummy and curvey, nipped-in waist”. Unislim recommeneds WICKED LITTLE WORKOUT…

Brown Thomas Magazine

Your Dream Body

“Marvelling at those Olympic Athletes’ bodies? Built for power, speed and endurance, just what would it take to come close?”. Rory Egan seeks some advice with help from Eva Berg…

Sunday Independent Life Magazine

Fit for Purpose

Interview with Eva in her home studio – 25th March 2012…

TV3's Xpose

Eva on Xpose

” If you’ve let the gym membership slide here’s how to tone up your bum and tum at home,”…

Dundrum Magazine

A Wiggle in Her Walk

Wasp Waist Workout – “Renowned Pilates teacher Eva Berg, owner of the very appropriately named Secret Pilates studio has added a novel new class to her repertoire…

The Sunday Tribune

Ireland's Coolest Address

“The small and perfectly formed powerhouse that is Eva Berg is, of course, the reason that The Secret is no longer that – and the reason too that Southside gals…

Image Magazine

Psst! We'll let you into a secret - The Secret, actually!

“Eva’s classes are responsible for the slim silhouette of many a southside gal (including some of us at IMAGE)”

Sunday Tribune

Your Flexible Friend

Eva Berg – Sunday Tribune”On first meeting Eva Berg, I presumed her to be a classical dancer from her posture, her figure and the way she moved.”

Health & Living magazine

Have a ball with Pilates

Health & Living”The exercise era of jumping and pumping is moving on, as getting fit becomes about inner balance as well as toning up. Pilates achieves both”

RTE - Off The Rails

10 Years Younger

“A study carried out in the States showed that women over 40 who used pilates and resistance training twice a week for 30 mins looked 10 to 15 years younger after a year”

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